INSPIRE Research Forum – 20 February 2019

Student Reviews

I had the privilege of undertaking a 2018 summer research project investigating the pathogenesis of feline calicivirus with Margaret Hosie and Imogen Herbert. I presented my project at the INSPIRE Research Forum in Glasgow to students and vets with whom I shared a common interest in research and clinical work. The Forum provided a space to discuss and learn about research within the context of a veterinarian career and the keynote speakers provided great insight into the types of career paths that research can offer. 

Tim Chan, Year 4, BVMS

I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the Inspire Research Forum. It was a great opportunity to practice my public speaking but also to hear about the amazing work my peers have been doing through their projects. Seeing such a diverse range of interests and hearing from those who are already use research in their careers as veterinarians is really motivating for me as I move forward in my degree and continue to develop an idea of what I would like to do once I graduate. I can’t wait to see what projects are presented next year!

Lindsay Rodenkirchen, Year 3, BVMS


On the 20th February, I had the chance to present my summer research project at the INSPIRE Research Forum. I must admit that I was a bit nervous about it, but once I arrived at the event I instantly felt welcome and comfortable. The event was very well organised and all the presentations were very interesting and everyone did a great job at presenting. We also received a talk by Ian Ramsey who talked to us about his experience as an academic clinician and triggered my interest to find out more about it. Overall, it was a great experience and I would like to thank all the people who organised the event and congratulate my fellow presenters for their excellent work.

Elena Androutsou, Year 5, BVMS