Research Development Activities

The MHRC organises and facilitates various research development activities intended to potentiate medical humanities research in Glasgow University. 

The Glasgow University Medical Humanities Network, supported by the Wellcome Trust, is a website that acts as a forum to connect individuals working across a range of disciplines and practices at the University of Glasgow, who are interested in the intersections of medicine, culture, and the arts and humanities. The site features:

The site is fully accessible to the public, and is searchable via thematic keywords. If you are interested in featuring on the site, please register here, or email

Our Medical Humanities Discussion Group meets regularly throughout the year at the University of Glasgow. In the academic year 2017-2018, this group is organised and convened by Dr Manon Mathias, a Lecturer in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures. The discussion group is a forum for work-in-progress presentations and friendly discussion. All are welcome, and if you would like further information, or to propose a paper, please contact Manon.

Throughout the year, affiliates of the MHRC run a variety of medical humanities events, including visiting speakers, lecture series, symposia, and conferences. Recent conference and workshop highlights include: 'Other Psychotherapies - across time, space, and cultures' (April 2017); 'Discourses of Care: Care in Media, Medicine and Society' (Sept. 2016); 'Science Fiction and the Medical Humanities' (July 2016); 'Disability and Shakespearean Theatre' (April 2016); 'Science Fiction, Medicine and Utopia' (Feb 2016); 'Human / Companion Animal Wellbeing' (Dec 2015); 'Science Fiction and Public Engagement with Medicine' (Nov 2015); 'Dissecting the Page: Medical Paratexts Conference' (Sept 2015); the Scottish Health Humanities Seminar and Masterclass Series (2013-2014); '"Attentive Writers": Healthcare, Authorship, and Authority' (Aug 2013).

The MHRC is building international relationships with Scandinavian and North American research centres, and has hosted Wellcome Trust events for grant applicants. We are also a Network Affiliate of the International Academy of Medical Ethics and Public Health, and an Affiliane of the Northern Network for Medical Humanities Research (NNMHR).