New WCMP Comic on Toxoplasmosis

New WCMP Comic on Toxoplasmosis

Issued: Wed, 03 May 2017 14:08:00 BST

A fourth comic has been added to our successful range highlighting the research we carry out the WCMP.  Toxoplasmosis: Unlocking the secrets of a mysterious parasite was drawn by Edinburgh-based comic artist Edward Ross, and co-written with Dr Jamie Hall - a former PhD student at the WCMP. It examines the lifecycle and development of Toxoplasma, how it evades the immune system, and also considers the possibility that toxoplasmosis can affect the behaviour of its mammal hosts. Dr Lilach Sheiner, who works on Toxoplasma, was the chief scientific adviser for the comic.

Our comics are an important component of our public engagement component, and appeal to a wide range range of audiences. The greatly simplified language and striking images help to make the research we carry out at the Centre more accessible to non-specialists.

Toxo comic cover

For more information about the development of our comics and how we use them for public engagement, please read this blog post.