Fellowship Opportunities

‌‌The Wellcome Trust Centre for Molecular Parasitology is the Glasgow base for the Wellcome Trust Centre for Global Health Research (WTCGHR).

Funded by the Wellcome Trust, the Global Health Centre offers a fellowship track which is open to researchers from low and middle-income countries (LMI-C). These provide access to relevant research experience and training, focusing on infectious and non-communicable diseases with the aim of understanding and controlling diseases (either human or animal) of relevance to local, national and global health.

As of September 2015, the WTCGHR has recently launched two schemes, designed to support talented individuals who wish to develop competitive applications for Wellcome Trust Fellowships.

The Flexible Funding Pot (FFP) can support short targeted programmes of activities, including pre-planned meetings, preliminary data gathering & site visits. The Placement Scheme, intended primarily for applicants from developing nations, supports high quality individuals to conduct placements at selected research locations, so as to build their experience & skills, in order to increase their competitiveness when applying for Wellcome Trust fellowships through the Centre.

Both schemes are now open to candidates with academic supervisor associated with the Centre. If you do not yet have a WTCGHR academic supervisor, but wish to express an interest in working with Centre to build your potential for overseas clinical & non-clinical basic science research, please contact us.

Fellowship application route :

Step 1

Read over the list of potential fellowship supervisors based in Glasgow and Liverpool and their areas of research.

Step 2

if you are interested in pursuing research in Glasgow, please send a copy of your latest CV detailing two referees to Alex Mackay, administrator of the WTCGHR. 

Those interested in research based in Liverpool, should contact John Spafford (WTCGHR administrator based in Liverpool).