Research Podcasts

Finding Genius Podcast - February 2020

In this edition, Dr Lilach Sheiner talks about her research and how the diversity of parasites can offer further understanding and lead to the development of novel treatments for the diseases they cause.

FutureTech Podcast - July 2019

Professor Richard McCulloch speaks to Richard Jacobs in this edition of the popular FutureTech Podcast: Parasites - from fly to host. In this podcast, Richard discusses his research on sleeping sickness and trypanosomes, the parasites that cause this deadly disease.

ELife Podcast - April 2017

Professor Markus Meissner discusses his latest research exploring how Toxoplasma gondii multiply in host cells.

Toxo image for Meissner paper 2

Naked Scientists - November 2016

In this edition, Professor Annette Macleod discusses her research on African Sleeping Sickness and the recent discovery that skin may act as subcutaneous reservoir of the Trypanosome parasite meaning the disease may lie dormant for many years. She discusses the impact this has on treatment and eradication.

Annette MacLeod in Field

Naturally Speaking - May 2016

Dr Willie Weir, a researcher from the Centre talks to Steve Larcombe on this episode of Naturally Speaking Shorts produced by the Institute of Biodiversity, Animal Health and Comparative Medicine. He outlines his latest research on the trypanosome worms that cause African sleeping sickness, and how his new paper has caused a stir in media outlets worldwide.

The Sun coverage of elife paper - Willie Weir