Researcher in the field: a series of podcasts from Africa

These podcasts contain footage gathered by Professor Paul Garside during his research trip to Africa at the end of 2013. 

The trip spanned 6 months, 3 months were spent in Kilifi, Kenya and the other three in Malawi. The aim of the trip was to establish research collaborations with African scientists and to take the University of Glasgow's scientific and public engagement materials and knowledge to schools, health care professionals and charities in Africa.

Episode 1

Prof Paul Garside begins his secondment in Africa.

Researcher in the field: Episode 1




Episode 2

Researcher in the field: Episode 2

This episode of Prof Paul Garside's podcasts from Africa sees him interview Dr Francis Ndungu a researcher based at KEMRI Wellcome Trust Research Programme, Kilifi, Kenya. Hear the discussion on the potential interaction between Malaria and autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. Glasgow's expertise in analysis and interpretation of patient samples from the Kilifi area will be invaluable in this research and future fruitful collaborations are planned.


Episode 3

Researcher in the field: Episode 3

Our series continues as Prof Iain McInnes and Prof Andy Waters discuss the enormous benefit to the University of Glasgow from engagement with overseas research institutes.


Episode 4

Researcher in the field: Episode 4

Episode 4 sees Prof Paul Garside interview Dr Francis Ndungu and Prof Kevin Marsh, researcher and director at Kenya Medical Research Institute Wellcome Trust. They discuss potential research opportunities between KEMRI and the University of Glasgow, highlighting the benefits of undertaking short term sabbaticals in overseas research Institutes.


Episode 5

Researcher in the field: Episode 5

This podcast sees Prof Garside out in the field in Kilifi visiting the Junju dispensary and delivering a talk to local health workers. He hears first-hand of the field projects coordinated by Dr Omar Ngoto, a clinician overseeing an immunology study at Junju with project manager Juliana Wambua.


Episode 6

Researcher in the field: Episode 6

In this episode Prof Paul Garside interviews Dr Pete Bull and Dr Vandana Thathy, both researchers based at the KEMRI Wellcome Trust programme in Kilifi, Kenya.


Episode 7

Researcher in the field: Episode 7

Prof Paul Garside visits the Mathare Valley in Nairobi where around 190,000 people live in less than one kilometre of space. The series continues with interviews from Dr Kelsey Jones and many of the Community Health Workers from the Baraka Medical Centre who work within the Mathare slum area of Nairobi.


Episode 8

Researcher in the field: Episode 8

Prof Paul Garside visits Prof Stephen Gordon, Director of the Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Programme.