Research group leaders

Andy Waters

Professor Andy Waters

Professor in Biomedical and Life Sciences (Parasitology)

Research interests: A polyomics approach to understanding the molecular developmental biology associated with sexual development, the phenomenon of translational repression during sexual development and its influence on the fertilized zygote. Triggers for gametocytogenesis.

Professor Michael Barrett

Professor of Biochemical Parasitology (Parasitology)

Research interests: Understanding how drugs work against parasites and how parasites become resistant to drugs.

James Brewer

Professor James Brewer

Chair in Basic Immunology (Immunology)

Research interests: Imaging Infection and Immunity in vivo.

Sarah Cleaveland

Professor Sarah Cleaveland

Professor of Comparative Epidemiology (Institute of Biodiversity Animal Health & Comparative Medicine)

Research interests: Understanding the ecology of diseases affecting human, domestic animal and wildlife health in natural ecosystems and mitigating their impacts. Zoonoses, neglected tropical diseases, intervention science, ecosystem health research, One Health.

Paul Garside

Professor Paul Garside

Chair in Basic Immunology (Immunology)

Research interests: Investigations into the fundamentals of immune regulation in vivo and the application of findings to infectious and autoimmune disease scenarios

Daniel Haydon

Professor Daniel Haydon

Director of Institute/Professor of Population Ecology and Epidemiology (Institute of Biodiversity Animal Health & Comparative Medicine)

Research interests: Mathematical modelling of ecological and epidemiological processes; infectious disease ecology; design of vaccination programs; within-host pathogen dynamics; viral population genomics; antimicrobial resistance; statistical ecology; animal movement and spatial ecology; lichens.

Poppy Lamberton

Dr Poppy Lamberton

Reader (Institute of Biodiversity Animal Health & Comparative Medicine)

Professor Rick Maizels

Professor (Parasitology)

Research interests: We aim to understand the molecular basis for parasites evading the sophisticated mammalian immune system, to identify novel modulators that dampen inflammatory diseases such as allergy and colitis, and to develop effective strategies to boost host immunity against infection.

Matthias Marti

Professor Matthias Marti

Professor (Parasitology)

Research interests: Our laboratory is interested in different aspects of Plasmodium falciparum gametocytes, which are the sexual stage parasites required for transmission of malaria from humans to mosquitos.

Annette MacLeod

Professor Annette MacLeod

Professor (Institute of Biodiversity Animal Health & Comparative Medicine)

Research interests: The interaction between parasites, African trypanosomes, and their hosts, bridging the gap between field based population studies, genomics, and lab-based molecular biology, with a long-term view to exploiting these interactions to combat disease.

Richard McCulloch

Professor Richard McCulloch

Professor (Parasitology)

Research interests: Parasitology, trypanosomes, Leishmania, recombination, repair, replication, antigenic variation

Professor Markus Meissner

Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology (Parasitology)

Research interests: Systematic analysis of essential parasite genes linked to invasion of the host cell in Toxoplasma gondii.

Katarzyna Modrzynska

Dr Katarzyna Modrzynska

Research Fellow (Parasitology)

Thomas Otto

Dr Thomas Otto

Senior Lecturer (Immunology)

Research interests: Host-pathogen interactions in Malaria; tools around scRNA-Seq and integrative analysis; analysis of clinical data of arthritis; scRNA-Seq; Bioinformatics; Tool development; Malaria

Lilach Sheiner

Dr Lilach Sheiner

Senior Lecturer and Royal Society of Edinburgh Personal Research Fellow (Parasitology)

Research interests: Investigating how early divergent eukaryotes, specifically apicomplexan parasites, manage their symbiotic organelles (plastids and mitochondria); molecular and cellular biology; Toxoplasma gondii; genetic manipulation; tRNA-import; protein-import; redox control.