Seabird Interest Group

Seabird Interest Group

The University of Glasgow has a long-standing history of excellence in seabird research. The Seabird Interest Group is a network of researchers, driven by the Institute, who are interested in seabird demography, behaviour & physiology, movement & resource utilization and trophic & ecosystem ecology. We also have an applied research focus on the impact of environmental change on seabird populations. We work on seabird species in the UK and overseas, and our methodology ranges from GPS telemetry, remote sensing and stable isotope analysis to GIS and quantitative modelling.

In addition to traditional scientific outputs, members of the group have published a number of accessible articles about their research aimed at a general audience interested in seabird ecology. Read more about our public engagement.

Group coordinators

Jana Jeglinski and Nina O’Hanlon

Current work: case studies

The following case studies detail some of the ongoing work and outputs of active research programmes within the Seabird Interest Group.

We see great additional potential in linking up with areas of further strengths in the Institute and outwith, for example in thermal biology, stress physiology, disease ecology and seasonal biology.

We encourage interested students and collaborators to get in touch to develop research projects. Some of our current topics are listed below, but we are equally interested in new ideas.

• Impact of wind farms on prospecting movements of immature Northern gannets (Jana Jeglinski, Jason Matthiopoulos, Bob Furness)