Award for Scottish football's top doctor

Published: 28 January 2008

The doctor to Scotland’s national football team has been acknowledged for his services to sport and medicine.

Doctor to Scotland’s national football team, Professor Stewart Hillis, has been acknowledged for his services  to sport and medicine.

As Medical Advisor to the Scottish Football Association for more than 25 years, the University of Glasgow professor has worked with the national A team at  more than 220 matches, thought to be more than any other doctor in world football history.

Stewart Hillis, who is Professor of Cardiovascular and Exercise Medicine and co-ordinator of the undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in sport and exercise medicine at the University of Glasgow, was awarded the Sir Robert Atkins Prize by the Institute of Sport and Exercise Medicine. The award, which recognises Professor Hillis for providing the most consistently valuable medical service to sport, was presented at a meeting co-sponsored by the Royal Society of Medicine and the Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine.

President of the SFA, George Peat, said: “Stewart has provided incredible support for the Scottish FA’s staff and teams over many years and fully deserves this acknowledgement.

"He is passionate about sport and played a hugely important role in working with the three Glasgow Universities to set up the Sports Medicine Centre at Hampden. His work and his influence can be seen right across the country.”

Professor Hillis said: “It has been a wonderful opportunity over the years to combine my academic work as a cardiologist at the University of Glasgow with the organisational and supportive role with the National Team.”

Professor Hillis is also Vice-Chairman of UEFA’s Medical Committee,  through which he has worked to develop the doping control programmes in football in Scotland and throughout Europe.

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First published: 28 January 2008

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