Call for Smart campus projects

Published: 5 September 2018

Glasgow University Sustainable Technologies Society recruiting students

Glasgow University Sustainable Technologies Society are currently recruiting students to take part in 10-week challenges to design sustainable solutions for the University’s campus development.

The projects will start this September and give participants the opportunity to learn new engineering skills in collaboration with the University, construction firm Multiplex and other organisations.

There are three projects, each one related to one aspect of the smart campus, an innovative area of the University campus now under development. It’s focus will be on smart technologies such as 5G, wearables and renewables.

Participants are expected to help shape the contents of the projects, adding ideas throughout the 10-week period.

Multiplex & the other partner companies (WSP, FES, CG, AMcC MPX) propose the following contents:

Photovoltaic energy: Team A – S.Houston, Multiplex (+WSP +FES) Please note that this project is full and will not be accepting new applicants.

GOAL: To design a Photovoltaic Energy proposal for the UoG Research Hub roof.

In the proposed solution students should assess the following:

  1. Solar panel design, installation, maintenance, and replacement strategy.
  2. How will UoG utilise the electrical energy generated by the PV installations.
  3. Cost benefits and envisaged payback period.
  4. What is the best Solar PV model going forward for the remaining projects on the Western Campus and how does this relate to the UoG Estates vision.

Energy model: Team B – D Wilson, Multiplex (+WP + UoG Estates)

GOAL: To prepare an Energy Model for the UoG Research Hub building.

In the proposed solution students should:

  1. Review this model against the WSP model generated for the Research Hub.
  2. Review the Energy models against the actual findings for historical UoG projects.
  3. Summarise any key areas for improvement to be targeted by the MPX project teams, to reduce the Energy targets for the new projects across the Western Campus.

Smart Campus Challenge: Team C – C Pearce, UoG (+FES +CG +AmcC MPX)

GOAL: Define the key aspects of the UoG Smart Campus and propose solutions for its implementation.

This project is structured differently from the other two. Students will have to group in teams of maximum three people and propose an idea that they believe could contribute to the Smart Campus (such as, a new app, wearables, etc.)

In doing so, students need to explain how their technology will deliver a better smart campus. All teams should work together to define how the smart campus should look and how their ideas would benefit the University in the long term.

The teams will compete and the best idea/prototype will win a prize (to be determined). The number of teams allowed to participate can vary, but it will likely be five teams (max. three people per team). Teams will be able to ask for documents and advice, however they will be working mostly on their own, or with their mentor, if the University can provide one. Recently, MPX came across an issue related to the Seminar Rooms of the Research Hub building: “Research Hub Seminar Rooms – how do we provide power, etc., but still maintain the required flexibility of the space for dual use, i.e. Teaching and Exhibitions? Can we develop a possible solution involving DC power distribution, battery served, PV availability etc.?” Students participating in the Smart Campus project are welcome to develop a solution to this problem or focus on other areas of interest, or even both things.

For more information on the projects, please contact:

First published: 5 September 2018