A New Service Management Platform for the UofG

The University has recently purchased a new enterprise service management platform called Ivanti Service Manager. When implemented, Ivanti will manage the interface between students and other users of university services. The system is already in use in a range of universities, including Oxford and Cambridge.

The new system will have profound implications for the way we work. It will:

  • Make it much easier for users to access services
  • Facilitate joined-up working among service providers
  • Improve overall efficiency.

The platform will provide automatic answers to a wide array of FAQs. In addition, it will help progress the resolution of more complex queries from service users.

A project board with broad representation from across the University has been set up to oversee implementation. Over the next year, our first priority will be to address the needs of student users – our aim is to have the platform fully up and running before the opening of the Learning and Teaching Hub in summer 2019.

The key next steps are to:

  • Revisit the benefits realisation plan, with the goal of maximising the gains we can make from implementing the new system
  • Consider in detail the implications of introducing Ivanti for existing systems and processes across colleges and services
  • Undertake the necessary configuration work to ensure that the new system is fit for purpose
  • Establish a student user group to test out the reconfigured system and advise on the type of assistance students most value 
  • Publish a set of key performance indicators against which progress in implementing the new system can be measured.

We will issue regular bulletins on progress and also engage with those most affected over the coming months. In the meantime, if you have any specific queries, we would be delighted to hear from you.

David Duncan
Chair, Enterprise Service Management Project Board

First published: 1 June 2018