PGR & Postdoc Bake-Off

Forget signature bakes and technical challenges, the ultimate baking competition is about to arrive at the Gilchrist. We know UofG PGRs are extremely talented- but can you bake your research?

We don’t mean hiding your latest draft under a pie-crust or lining a Bundt tin with conference proceedings. This September, we’re challenging PGRs and postdocs to bake something connected to their research and provide a brief paragraph explaining that connection. Whether you’re a historian with a medieval bread recipe that puts Paul Hollywood to shame, a physicist with a Genoese sponge particle accelerator, or a zoologist crafting your own pastry menagerie, we want your bakes!

Join us in the Gilchrist on Wednesday 27 September from 5pm for the showstopper challenge to end all showstoppers. Your bakes will be judged by a panel of judges as well as an audience of expert consumers of baked goods (fellow UofG PGRs) according to look, taste, and how relevant your bake is to your research.

If the chance to show of your skills, support fellow PGRs and postdocs, and try some delicious bakes isn’t enough, there will also be special prizes on offer for a winner and runners-up.

What are you waiting for? Grab your aprons and get baking!

To enter as a baker or join us as a supporter of your fellow PGRs, please visit PGR & Postdoc Bake-Off 

Registration closes Wednesday 20 September.

If you have any questions, or require more information, please contact Lucia Jackson

First published: 7 September 2017