The Technician Commitment – By Technicians, For Technicians

Issued: Mon, 22 Oct 2018 16:52:00 BST

The Technician Commitment is a UK-wide initiative to ensure visibility, recognition, career development and sustainability for all technicians working in higher education and research across all disciplines.

It stands as a call to recognise the contribution our technicians make to the life, success and achievement of the University, underlining the critical importance of nurturing the talents of our technicians now, and ensuring that their roles are presented as an attractive, challenging and fulfilling career option for this and future generations of technicians.

Despite its name, the Technician Commitment is intended to support the development of all technical and specialist staff in a range of technical roles. It extends beyond the Technical Job Family to include those in technical roles in the MPA and Research-only Job Families.

Technical and Specialist staff are encouraged to get involved in the local consultations which are being carried out in the Schools via the Technical management teams and to look out for engagement activities across the University.

A Technician Commitment portal is on the University's HR webpages which provides information about what it is, who is behind it, the key drivers it promotes and a copy of our intended Action Plan.

To ensure we make progress against the key drivers, we are currently consulting upon a 24-month future action plan as part of the UK-wide initiative. We have taken onboard the wide-ranging positive and negative feedback we have received so far, and have changed the content and wording of the Action Plan accordingly.

The current consultation and Action Plan development are only the first small steps we are taking on a much longer and deeper range of initiatives to deliver the purposes of the Technician Commitment. For it to succeed, it needs to be delivered “By Technicians, For Technicians”. Make your voice count and shape what we do for your technical community.

If you have any feedback or questions on the Action Plan, please contact: