"Staff Survey Thursday"

Issued: Tue, 25 Sep 2018 10:41:00 BST

The Staff Survey opened last week and will be open only until 5 October.

Thank you to all those who have already participated – it really is appreciated. 

In 2016 the Staff Survey achieved a University response rate of 68% and we would like to increase that for this year’s exercise. A greater number of responses gives the data more validity and can act as an agent for positive change - so if you haven’t already done so, please have your say.

We do recognise and appreciate that this is a busy time of year with the start of term, PDR season and other work priorities and it is easy for things like the survey to get put aside.

However, the Senior Management Group value your opinion and we are therefore supporting “Staff Survey Thursday”.

If you have still to participate, I would actively encourage you, subject to operational requirements, to block 10 minutes out of your diary on Thursday, 27 September, at 4.00pm, to allow you to complete the survey. If you haven’t received your personal email and log in details, please contact ORC International directly at UniversityofGlasgow@orcsurvey.co.uk.

Your opinions count. If you don’t share them there will be less chance of positive change in areas that are important to you, so please ”Have your Say”.


Anton Muscatelli,

Principal and Vice-Chancellor