#LecRec is coming

Issued: Mon, 27 Aug 2018 14:55:00 BST

What is it? 

#LecRec is an automated lecture capture system, capable of recording the presentation material on the screen (PC/Laptop or Visualiser), Camera (where fitted) and audio from the lecture theatre microphones. 

Lecture Capture is currently being updated to Echo360’s Active Learning Platform. 

This allows us to continue: 

  • Schedule recordings from equipped lecture theatres (see list) 
  • Recording your desktop using the personal recording tool 
  • Upload media 
  • Edit your media 

In addition, the new system adds: 

  • Student engagement tools – 
    • Add interactive slides 
    • Students can take notes synchronised with the recording timeline 
    • Add Bookmarks 
    • Flag slides as confusing 
    • Answer questions posted by the lecturer (anonymously if desired) 
  • Analytics 
    • Examine student engagement based on material watched, number of notes taken, slides bookmarked, etc 

Why are we changing? 

The version of Echo360 we currently use will no longer be supported by the vendor, so the University has decided to move to latest version the Echo360 (Active Learning Platform), which is cloud based.  


What is changing? 

Along with a number of improvements to quality and functionality we are also integrating the system with central timetabling information and with Moodle. 

At the start of the semester Echo360 will import data for your course, room and scheduling information, assuming you have indicated that lecture recording is a requirement on your timetabling data with Space and Timetabling. 

It will still be possible to manually add/delete or modify details by emailing echo360@gla.ac.uk or if you are defined as a scheduler on the Echo360 system you can administer it yourself. 

Once recorded whoever is associated in the system as the instructor (this may be the admin assistant who booked the event) can link recording in their Moodle course. 

More information is available at https://www.gla.ac.uk/myglasgow/teachingroomsupport/LecRec/howto or email echo360@gla.ac.uk