£10,000 cancer research prize

Issued: Fri, 10 Aug 2018 14:55:00 BST

The Scottish Cancer Foundation invites nominations for the 2018 prize which will be awarded to an Early Career Researcher (within 7 years of their PhD, excluding maternity leave) in any discipline working on an aspect of cancer prevention.

Applicants, who may be nominated or self-nominated, must be living and working in Scotland at the time of the award. The nature of their contribution is not specified and the prize is open to anyone whose work has had a significant impact on cancer in Scotland, although evidence of wider impact would be welcomed. The Prize, amounting to up to £10,000, is awarded annually at the Scottish Cancer Conference in November. It is supported by the Grant Simpson Trust. The Prize will be accompanied by the Evans Forrest Medal, named in recognition of the founders of the Scottish Cancer Foundation.

Nominations should be sent to the Scottish Cancer Foundation either by mail or electronically making a case, written by the nominator, as to why the nominee should be considered. The nomination should be accompanied by a short account, written by the nominee, as to how the prize money would be used to forward his or her work in cancer. This account is to be limited to 750 words. The closing date for nominations is 28 September 2018.

 For more information on the prize visit: Scottish Cancer Foundation