New Mental Health Action Plan launched

Published: 9 October 2017

New Mental Health Action Plan launched across the University to help support staff and students impacted by mental health issues. VIDEO

by Mhairi Taylor, Equality and Diversity Manager

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new University Mental Health Action Plan, designed to support all staff and students across Campus who are impacted by mental health issues.

The action plan is intended to ensure a more coherent and coordinated approach to mental health and wellbeing across the University, and follows the appointment of David Duncan, Chief Operating Officer and University Secretary, as Mental Health Champion.

One of Dr Duncan’s initial actions in his new role was to instruct a comprehensive review of our current mental health provision, bringing in the external expertise of consultant Peter Quinn. Peter consulted with staff and students across the University to comprehensively document our current support services and activities, and consider how these could be supplemented and enhanced to minimise the impact of mental ill health on our staff and students.

As a result, the Mental Health Action Plan was devised to help the University achieve these aims, provide greater support for those impacted by mental health issues, help minimise the associated stigma and improve the quality of interventions for staff and students who require support. The Action Plan outlines a range of short term, as well as mid to long-term, activities ranging from the creation of a Working Group with representation from all areas of the University to provide governance and oversight, to new voluntary roles as Peer Mentors and Mental Health First Aiders.

World Mental Health Day

We are delighted that the Action Plan, countersigned by both Dr Duncan as Mental Health Equality Champion and Lauren McDougall on behalf of the Student Representative Council, has now been endorsed by the Senior Management Group and our Campus Trade Unions.

It also feels particularly appropriate to announce the launch of the Mental Health Action Plan today, as 10 October marks World Mental Health Day. The day provides an opportunity for all those involved in working to improve mental health to talk about their work, and what more needs to be done to make mental health care a reality for people worldwide. The World Federation for Mental Health set this year’s theme, which is appropriately ‘mental health in the workplace’. More information can be found on the World Mental Health Day website.

Please do watch our brief video of Dr Duncan discussing the Mental Health Action Plan, as well as his role as Mental Health Equality Champion:

Mental Health Champion

You can read the full Mental Health Action Plan on the University website, and if you would like to be involved in supporting the delivery of the Action Plan, please contact us: 

First published: 9 October 2017