Smart Campus Wi-Fi Corridor

Acknowledging the ever increasing demand for high quality digital services, the University has partnered with Cisco to test the development of a “Smart Wi-Fi Corridor” – a Wi-Fi canopy providing high speed connectivity in high density scenarios through technologies perfected during the Olympic Games.

The first external wireless unit has been attached to the Fraser Building, covering the approach to the Library and the grassy area in front of the McMillan Reading Room.  Whilst it may be getting a little late in the year, when the warm weather returns students and staff should find this space offering a strong reliable connection to University services.

Developing smart services will be an integral part of the University’s campus development programme. Plans are in place for further units to be installed in other campus locations over the coming months, building a high quality network supporting high quality campus services.

Professor Chris Pearce, who is leading the University’s Smart Campus initiative, said: “This is an early example of how the University intends to significantly strengthen its digital infrastructure across the whole campus footprint in the coming years.”

Michael Burns from the University’s Research Strategy and Innovation Office, said: “This is a further example of how the University will work with a range of external partners to road-test the latest technologies in digital services. This high-density, high-speed Wi-Fi between the Fraser Building and the Main Gilbert Scott Building is one part of a larger industry engagement programme drawing on best practice from around the world in the development of the new campus”

First published: 9 October 2017

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