Security and an Independent Scotland

Published: 19 November 2012

The Glasgow Global Security Network is delighted to announce its lecture series for 2012-13. The focus is the theme ‘Security and an Independent Scotland'

The Glasgow Global Security Network is delighted to announce the commencement of its lecture series for 2012-13. The focus this year is the theme ‘Security and an Independent Scotland’. We will be bringing to the University some of the finest scholars from around the world to discuss the subject of Scottish independence from their own perspectives.

The first lecture will be delivered on 27 November by Professor William Walker of St Andrews University. It will commence at 5:15 in the Wolfson Building, Room 248.

Professor Walker William Walker has been Professor of International Relations at the University of St Andrews since 1996. His main research and writings have been on international nuclear politics. His many publications include, with David Albright and Frans Berkhout, Plutonium and Highly Enriched Uranium: World Inventories, Capabilities and Policies (1997), the first global survey of nuclear weapon materials; with Malcolm Chalmers, Uncharted Waters: The UK, Nuclear Weapons and the Scottish Question (2001); and A Perpetual Menace: Nuclear Weapons and International Order (2012).

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First published: 19 November 2012

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