Hunterian Associates Programme (HAP)

Published: 16 November 2012

The launch of Hunterian Associate Programme 2013 will be marked by two “Study Days” for graduate researchers

The Hunterian Study Day: Wed 21 Nov, 1.30 - 5pm

Special Collections & Archives Study Day:
Fri 23 Nov, 2-5pm

The Hunterian’s vast collections provide a rich resource for postgraduate research, as well as an important venue for bringing that research to a broader audience. The University of Glasgow is also fortunate in its Special Collections and Archives, which offer another strand of potential connection for our doctoral researchers.

At the core of HAP is the idea that the cutting-edge research being carried out by postgraduates will connect in exciting and unexpected ways with the University’s extensive collections of human and scientific history. The breadth of research across the University will allow for the construction of new narratives surrounding the collections, their juxtaposition and display, and their interpretation to and reception by the public.

Hunterian‎Working on individual or collaborative projects, Hunterian Associates apply their research in the museum, gallery or archive setting, developing appropriate dissemination strategies to share research beyond the confines of traditional academic discourse. Hunterian Associates’ projects may take the form of gallery talks and tours, podcasts focusing on particular artefacts, web-based or touring exhibitions, interpretive performance or installation, or any other form that would engage the public effectively, including activities that incorporate public reception to the collections.

The launch of Hunterian Associate Programme 2013 will be marked by two “Study Days” – one with The Hunterian (Nov 21st) and the other with the Special Collections and Archives (Nov 23rd). The Study Days will allow graduate researchers to gain a sense of the vastness and richness of the collections content – and the multiple ways that their own research might engage with it. Depending on interests, students may attend one or both. Whilst application to be a Hunterian Associate is not dependent upon attendance at a Study Day, students who do attend will have a greater insight into the potential of the various collections. Full details of the application process will also be shared at the Study Day.

Postgraduate Researchers seeking more information on this programme or the Study Days, should contact Ruth Fletcher, Student Engagement Officer, The Hunterian.

First published: 16 November 2012

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