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Published: 25 June 2012

Student Registration and Enrolment was a difficult process in the summer of 2011

David Newall, Secretary of CourtStudent Registration and Enrolment was a difficult process in the summer of 2011, as students and staff struggled with the newly implemented MyCampus system.  When the Project Board reviewed the position in October 2011, it decided that priority must be given this year to ensuring that Registration & Enrolment would operate more smoothly in 2012/13.  So that priority could be afforded to this, further development of MyCampus, in particular the implementation of Direct Admissions, was delayed.

The Lessons Learned Group played a valuable role in identifying areas where improvements were required to the system.  It invited contributions from all staff and students and these views were captured in a succinct report, produced in January 2012, which included 17 recommendations.  The Project Board accepted each of these, and recent weeks have seen good progress made in addressing all of them.

So what will be different in 2012/13?  System developments have focused on three types of improvement.  Firstly, to the layout of screens, so that staff will have access to a set of key information in simpler views, reducing substantially the need to move between screens.  Also, the layout of the student timetable has been improved to clearly show where timetable clashes occur. Secondly, to navigation through the software: several staff tasks that required multiple clicks last year can now be performed much more simply, while for students the navigation through financial registration is simplified and more explicit to guide them logically through the process.. And thirdly, to language.  On-screen messages have been improved to provide greater clarity and guidance, and the 'Shopping Cart' has been renamed  to ' MyChoices', the title preferred by the SRC. 

'Specialist User Groups' and 'College Liaison Groups' were created early in 2012, and have been key to addressing the Lessons Learned recommendations.  The Specialist User Groups include academic and administrative experts from each College and from University Services, and they have led the design and testing of system improvements.    College (and University Services) Liaison Groups include College managers and senior members of the Project Board.  These Groups have ensured that Colleges' concerns regarding aspects of MyCampus are brought to the attention of the Board. They have also provided clarity regarding roles and responsibilities within Colleges and service departments, including responsibilities for front-line support to help students with the Registration and Enrolment process this year.  The College Liaison Groups are convened by the Deans of Learning & Teaching, who are also members of the Project Board.

First published: 25 June 2012

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