Susan Rosser awarded EPSRC Leadership Fellowship

Published: 5 January 2012

Dr Susan Rosser has been awarded a prestigious five year EPSRC Leadership Fellowship

Dr Susan Rosser has been awarded a prestigious five year EPSRC Leadership Fellowship which aims to help develop the next generation of world-leading scientists and engineers.

Dr Rosser, from the Institute of Molecular Cell and Systems Biology, is one of 43 new Leadership fellows and Career Acceleration fellows announced by the EPSRC this year that total £36M. The aim of the fellowships is to encourage the development of groundbreaking ideas across a range of fields within Engineering and the Physical Sciences.

Leadership fellowships provide up to five years support for talented researchers with the most potential to develop into international research leaders who can set and drive new research agendas.

The fellowships are designed to help develop future leaders with the STEM skills necessary for the UK to compete on a global stage, generating the knowledge, new ideas and technologies essential to support business, government, and national priorities.

The competition for fellowships is intense, each year, on average, 450 applications are received for around 40 fellowship awards with successful fellows have a strong publication record and are able to demonstrate independence from their supervisors.

David Delpy, EPSRC CEO, said: “Our balanced portfolio enables change with impact by maintaining a core national capability and a complementary set of challenge themes. We support excellent, long-term, core and multi-disciplinary research in mathematics, chemistry, materials, physics, computer science and engineering. These capabilities drive economic growth, underpin other areas of research and build resilience and the ability to handle unforeseen challenges which may be disruptive. ”

First published: 5 January 2012

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