Registration for Inaugural University of Glasgow Internationalisation Conference

Published: 17 February 2012

Registration for the Inaugural University of Glasgow Internationalisation Conference is now open

I am pleased to announce that registration for the Inaugural University of Glasgow Internationalisation Conference is now open.

The conference will take place in the Gilbert Scott (main) Building on Tuesday, 20 March 2012. The conference is for University of Glasgow staff and will be a forum for sharing practical advice to support staff in their international activities. The conference will focus on the following themes:

  1. The student experience - One of the key goals of the internationalisation strategy is to enhance the student experience by offering a culturally diverse learning environment that prepares students for global employment and citizenship. This theme incorporates student support, the student learning experience and environment, issues around student mobility, new programme development and the internationalisation of the curriculum.
  2. International collaborations - The University aims to increase partnership working on a sustainable and mutually beneficial basis and in particular to develop institutional alliances with a small number of partners of strategic significance internationally to promote our education and research capability. This theme will explore the challenges in developing international collaborations, the importance of relationship building and networking, and some of the lessons learnt from current partnerships and collaborations.
  3. International research - The University aims to grow research and knowledge transfer business internationally to achieve a position as one of the world’s top research intensive universities. This theme will highlight some of world class research that staff are engaging in and collaborating on, some of which have been successfully funded through the European Commission,  We will also look at opportunities for research students and early career researchers.

The conference format will be a mixture of small sessions with plenary keynote sessions. I hope that smaller sessions will facilitate discussion and interchange among the participants, and the overall conference format will contribute to the sharing of knowledge amongst University staff.  Staff are able to attend for a full day or only for the sessions that interest them.  During lunch, a range of advice desks will be available with staff from University Services

To register for the conference follow this link:  You can download the full conference programme from this page.

I look forward to your participation in what I am sure will prove to be a lively and engaging event.

Kind regards

Andrea Nolan

Senior Vice-Principal & Deputy Vice-Chancellor

First published: 17 February 2012

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