Mumps - an update

Published: 17 February 2012

The cases of mumps on campus has risen to 30.

A couple of weeks ago the University was alerted to an outbreak of mumps with around 15 students being diagnosed from the University.  This week, the numbers rose to 30. The university has repeated its advice to students to stay at home and rest while the virus runs its course.  Where students stay in halls of residence we have asked if those diagnosed can stay at an alternative address if possible.

The University has notified public health authorities and we are continuing to liaise with them on this issue; we have also informed all of our student body of the presence of some cases of mumps.

We have advised students to contact their GP to check their immunisation status and are offering free inoculations at the Barclay Medical Centre within the University to students who believe they did not already receive it as a child.

We are closely monitoring the situation and offering our support to affected students who are all exhibiting mild symptoms and to whom we wish a speedy recovery.


Barclay Medical Centre: (0141) 342 3600

The Barclay Medical Centre
65 Hillhead Street
G12 8QF

First published: 17 February 2012

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