MyCampus Upgrade - In Depth: The story so far

The details of vital system upgrades undertaken by the SLSD team are listed below. 

People Tools 8.53 October 2015 This release is aimed at 3 main themes: 1. A simple and intuitive UI for Self Service - The look and feel of the individual pages in PeopleSoft is controlled by style sheets which govern how the browser displays the page. PeopleTools 8.53 introduces a new style sheet. This will be the most apparent change to end users when they encounter PeopleTools 8.53. The pages have a brighter, sleeker look, with improvements to the appearance of information displayed. Homepages, headers, app pages and pagelets are all affected by the new style sheet. The new style sheet also lays the groundwork for future enhancements that will allow more control over the look and feel of My Campus pages. 2. Improving productivity for day-to-day users-The Work Center functionality has been enhanced in the 8.53 release. These improvements include. Related Actions – a mini-menu of actions that are contextually useful. Related Content – is now easier to configure.  Dashboards – pagelets that provide better decision support for WorkCenter transactions. 3.Streamlining maintenance, reducing downtime, improving performance.
Bundles 35/36 October 2015 Specific benefits to the University of Glasgow of these two Bundles are that this will enable the completion of 'Marks & Exams' development for the pilot study in December 2015. 
Bundles 37-40 April 2016  Specific benefits to the University of Glasgow are: Targeted Regulatory Updates to (1) UK Student Loan Company; (2) Higher Education Statistics Agency; (3) UCAS; and (4) additional features for Admission Application Web Services (AAWS) which is used in our online application form. 
People Tools 8.54  June 2016  This upgrade is part of a longer term programme of technical and functional upgrades to MyCampus to bring the system up to date with the latest developments from Oracle and provide the basis from which to develop an improved end-user self-service (and 'back office')  experience for both staff and students.  
Server Upgrade June 2016  This upgrade is vital work that will deliver improved database performance and also from a capacity planning perspective ensure a solid platform to host the MyCampus database over the next 5 Years (faster environments and more ‘space’ which will significantly help with development and support needs)
Bundles 41-43 February 2017 

Specific benefits to the University of Glasgow are: Targeted Regulatory Updates to (1) UK Student Loan Company; (2) Higher Education Statistics Agency; (3) UCAS; and (4) additional features for Activity Management which is functionality being reviewed for its potential to support management of assessment and grading at the University.

People Tools 8.55 / Campus Solutions 9.2 February 2018  The new version of Campus Solutions will provide us with the tools needed to transform the student system user interface – developing modern, fully responsive student self-service pages and processes (meaning that students can easily use MyCampus on mobile devices with screens re-rendering based on the device being used).  The first of these developments, currently underway, is the Online Application Form.  The upgrade will also allow us to use this same technology to redesign the staff user experience – both academic and administrative – creating role-specific and process-specific navigation to transform the way our staff interact with MyCampus.  The Student Lifecycle Support & Development team will be seeking to work directly with groups of users to review current, and design & develop new, practices once the technical upgrade is successfully completed. 

 For more information on the MyCampus upgrade, please click here.