Sustainability Salon: Low-Power Cybersecurity in the Quantum Age

Sustainability Salon: Low-Power Cybersecurity in the Quantum Age

Sustainability Salons
Date: Wednesday 31 July 2024
Time: 15:00 - 17:00
Venue: Sir Alwyn Williams Building, room 422 & 423
Category: Conferences, Public lectures, Academic events, Staff workshops and seminars
Speaker: We invite experts, industry representatives and stakeholders to discuss how we might create low-power cybersecurity solutions.

Quantum technology is set to transform how data is generated, processed, and stored in a digital era that has seen more periods of revolutionary technological change than any other. While this should help us better approach challenges such as climate change, healthcare, and financial services, there are areas that need particular attention, one of which is cybersecurity.

In this Sustainability Salon, we ask a variety of experts, industry representatives, and stakeholders to discuss how we might create low-power cybersecurity solutions while quantum technology changes the landscape around us. The necessity for cybersecurity has never been more apparent, with the proven ability of attacks to produce physical effects in key infrastructure and cause massive digital and physical damage. This necessity forces users to devote more and more power to defending against cyber-attacks. Are there ways to reduce this power consumption?

The discussion will be led by attendees, with the expectation that new projects and collaborations will be formed to explore the ideas presented. A record of the discussions and ideas will be published (with the originators' permissions) as a point of reference to build upon as new solutions present themselves.

For these salons to have the greatest value, theoretical and practical knowledge in many different areas is required, including power, design, algorithms, quantum computing, cybersecurity, and behavior and communication. This diversity creates new perspectives and consortia for the issues raised and can generate projects that would never occur without gathering a diverse group together.

About the Sustainability Salons

The Sustainability Salons bring the practical knowledge of industry together with the technical and theoretical expertise of academics, to inspire potential projects that help solve sustainability issues. We have EPSRC IAA funding available to support these projects. There will be around 50 people at each Sustainability Salon. We’ll provide refreshments and facilitators will loosely guide the discussions.

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