School of Culture and Creative Arts Inaugural Lecture - Ian Garwood

School of Culture and Creative Arts Inaugural Lecture - Ian Garwood

ARC Public
Date: Thursday 21 March 2024
Time: 17:00
Venue: 237C
Category: Public lectures
Speaker: Ian Garwood

Ian Garwood

‘Videographic Criticism and the Maintenance of University Values*’

*not including integrity and truth


In this paper, I provide context for the production of some of the audiovisual essays I have made in recent years, focusing mainly on work that was not part of the University’s Research Excellence Framework submission. These audiovisual essays, mostly self-published rather than peer reviewed, were often created in response to online challenges issued by other members of the videographic criticism community. As the product of a form of game-playing, based on a ‘make first, think later’ ethos, these videos do not adhere to a model of scholarship driven by the systematic exploration of a predefined research question. They also represent a practice that happily steals from other people’s work (through the remixing of copyrighted material) and embraces fabulation, in a manner that seems incompatible with the values of integrity and truth to which the University holds. As well as taking the opportunity to confess to my sins, I represent the community of practice out of which my work has emerged, suggesting that, ultimately, this community encourages scholarship that is both creative as well as academically credible.

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