Bio-Lit Talks: Vital Breathing

Bio-Lit Talks: Vital Breathing

Bio-Lit Talks | Advanced Research Centre
Date: Wednesday 25 October 2023
Time: 18:00 - 20:00
Venue: Advanced Research Centre
Category: Public lectures, Academic events, Student events
Speaker: Laura González

When we conceptualise our lives, many of us envision abstract timelines, made up of memories, experiences, activities and aspirations. Rarely, do we dwell on the vital processes that constitute us being alive.

Join us in a breathing workshop, reconnecting us to the awareness of being alive. The workshop will beled by Laura González, artist, writer, yoga teacher and research fellow at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. It will be preceded by a brief discussion, exploring the definition of life from biological and literary perspectives, and lead by doctoral students at the University of Glasgow. 

The workshop will be seated and accessible to participants of all fitness levels. Expect a deeper understanding of how we breathe and a fresh awareness of how we embody our lives. 

About Bio-Lit Talks:

Bio-Lit Talks is an interdisciplinary collaboration exploring topical themes from the perspectives of the Arts, Sciences and Humanities. In this series, we are discussing Death and Dying and their inextricable connection to our everyday cognition, imagination, behaviour, and societal structures.

Organised as a three-event series and focusing on a new topic each month, join us as we explore the multi-layered substrates of Death and its intricate ramifications. 

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