Sing into Spring

Sing into Spring

Date: Wednesday 05 April 2023
Time: 18:00 - 19:00
Venue: Advanced Research Centre (The ARC)
Category: Concerts and music, Social events
Speaker: Eva Moreda RodrĂ­guez

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“The icy season is going away, and the world is being renewed”.

This line, from a song dating back to the 12th century, sums up perfectly how medieval people viewed spring: they marvelled at it every year, composing a multitude of songs to sing of their wonderment. Poets and composers sang of the ‘regreening’ of the world, which also marked it as the season for loving. Spring also had important religious connotations, with festivals such as the Annunciation and Easter encouraging reflection on our own spiritual renovation.

Want to find out more? Come join Eva Moreda Rodríguez for a special event in which we’ll talk about how ideas about spring made it into medieval song, and listen to medieval music for spring from across Europe, performed live on voice and portative organ. We’ll also learn a few medieval songs ourselves!


Eva Moreda Rodríguez is Reader and Head of Music at the University of Glasgow. While her academic specialism is in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, she has been performing medieval music on portative organ and voice since 2016, having appeared at specialized festivals such as Medieval Music in the Dales (Yorkshire) and Sagra Malatestiana (Italy), among others.

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