CREATe Public Lecture: 'Present at their own making', Professor John Hartley

CREATe Public Lecture: 'Present at their own making', Professor John Hartley

UK Copyright and Creative Economy Centre (CREATe) | Centre for Cultural Policy Research | School of Law | College of Arts
Date: Tuesday 28 March 2023
Time: 17:30 - 19:30
Venue: Advanced Research Centre , University of Glasgow 11 Chapel Lane Glasgow G11 6EW
Category: Public lectures, Academic events
Speaker: Professor John Hartley

This public lecture explores the emergence of a digital ‘popular front’, organizing to confront the challenges of the Anthropocene at panhuman, planetary scale. It inaugurates the ‘Policy Futures for the Digital Creative Economy’ International Symposium with the University of Sydney.

John Hartley is a research professor in the Discipline of Media and Communications at the University of Sydney. Previously he was Head of the School of Journalism, Media and Culture at Cardiff University, and Dean of Creative Industries at Queensland University of Technology. He was the founder and long-term editor of the International Journal of Cultural Studies and Cultural Science Journal. In 2009, he was awarded the Order of Australia.

Having pioneered the study of television from a cultural point of view (Reading Television, with John Fiske, 1978), Hartley’s subsequent publications focused on the role of commercial and entertainment media in forming publics, consumer-created content, DIY culture and digital storytelling. His latest works address the shifts from national to global cultures, analogue to digital technologies, and individualist to systems thinking.

The public lecture will be chaired by Philip Schlesinger, who is Professor in Cultural Theory at the University of Glasgow. He is a member of the Centre for Cultural Policy Research and Deputy Director of CREATe. 

A reception in the ARC’s atrium will follow. 

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