Second Student Debate in Spanish about Climate change and activism

Second Student Debate in Spanish about Climate change and activism

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Date: Thursday 30 March 2023
Time: 18:00 - 21:00
Venue: The Mazumdar-Shaw Advanced Research Centre 11 Chapel Lane University of Glasgow G11 6EW
Category: Student events, World Changing Glasgow Conversation
Speaker: Students from the University of Glasgow and the University of Strathclye

This is the second student debate in Spanish between the University of Glasgow and the University of Strathclyde.

Teams from both universities will be debating about climate change and activism, followed by a film screening.

Film screening: Crudo Paraíso (Spain, 2014) 

Crudo Paraíso is a crow-funded documentary produced by the Madrid-based La Semilla Collective and directed by Blanca Ordóñez Tena.  

Synopsis: In 2012, the process that authorizes the oil company Repsol to search for hydrocarbons in waters near the Canary Islands was reactivated. The citizens and the Government of the Canary Islands said "NO" to prospecting. 

But at the heart of this problem lies the energy debate. In a world in need of so much energy to sustain an unsustainable consumption model, we wonder how much longer it will take governments to turn the wheel and bet on a renewable and decentralized energy model instead of continuing to spend millions and millions to sustain a destructive model, based on hydrocarbons and doomed to disappear. The answer is YES. But why this false flight backwards, instead of continuing to pursue the energy self-sufficiency of a place destined to be an international example in renewable energies? 

In Spanish with English Subtitles.

Event Schedule 

6pm – 7pm: Welcome and debate competition 

7pm – 7.20pm: Break/Light Refreshments and Jury Deliberation 

7.20pm – 7.30pm: Winners’ announcement 

7.30pm – 7.40pm: Gifts/Photographs 

7.40pm – 7.45pm: Documentary introduction 

7.45pm – 9pm: Screening  

9pm:  Closure 

The event has been funded by the School of Modern Languages and Cultures, University of Glasgow with the support of the University of Strathclyde and the Spanish Consulate in Edinburgh.

Please note the event will be delivered in Spanish.

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