Royal Philosophical Society of Glasgow

Royal Philosophical Society of Glasgow

221st Lecture Series Royal Philosophical Society of Glasgow
Date: Wednesday 07 December 2022
Time: 19:30 - 21:00
Venue: Charles Wilson Building, Lecture Theatre 201
Category: Public lectures
Speaker: Alastair Campbell

Though better known his life in politics and media, Alastair Campbell has strong family connections with Glasgow University. His father Donald graduated from the University’s veterinary school. His brother Donald worked for the University for 27 years, as part of the security team and also as the University’s official piper, right up to his death aged 62. Donald Junior is the inspiration for the Lecture Alastair will give, focused on the theme of mental health and mental illness, and the need to change the lens through which we view it.

Donald lived for all his adult life with schizophrenia, a condition diagnosed when he was in the Scots Guards, and for which he was invalided out of the Army. At his brother’s funeral, Alastair paid tribute to the University’s role in giving opportunity and stability to someone living with such a serious condition. But all too many employers, and all too many members of the population, and indeed politicians and others in public life, continue to view mental health and mental illness through a prism clouded by stigma, taboo and attitudes which should have been left in the past.

He argues that for all the progress made, we remain as a society far behind where we need to be, and could be, and sets out the steps needed finally to deliver the parity between mental and physical health which politicians have been promising without delivering.

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