IP & Commercialisation for Impact

IP & Commercialisation for Impact

Research & Innovation
Date: Wednesday 09 November 2022
Time: 14:00 - 16: 00
Venue: Studio 2, The ARC
Category: Academic events
Speaker: Darian Brookes, IP & Innovation Manager
Website: www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/ip-commercialisation-for-impact-tickets-432425134217

Turning research outcomes into new businesses, products, and services is one of the primary ways in which the University of Glasgow delivers meaningful social, economic, and environmental impact beyond academia. Intellectual Property (IP) is critical to this activity – many potential industrial partners and investors will only collaborate or provide funding with appropriate IP in place. This means IP is growing in importance for scientific and engineering careers in both academia and industry.

This introductory talk will explore the basics of IP protection and its critical role in generating impact through commercialisation. Ample time will be devoted to questions and discussion.

This talk is open to all members of the University community, but people who have not previously contacted the IP & Innovation Team are especially welcome.


  • IP basics
  • Patent basics
  • Commercial routes to impact: 1) Licenses, 2) Spin-out new ventures, 3) Collaborative research projects with tangible Background IP
  • Next steps

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