Connecting with SoTL writing goals through collage

Connecting with SoTL writing goals through collage

Learning Enhancement & Academic Development Service
Date: Wednesday 23 February 2022
Time: 10:00 - 11:30
Venue: Online via Zoom
Category: Academic events
Speaker: Dr Alison McCandlish, Urban Studies

Looking to remind yourself to make time to write, or connect in different ways with your SoTL projects and writing goals? Using images and text we will consider our influences, solidify our writing and research intentions and inspire ourselves to make writing goals which work for us, via the power of collage. Don't worry, you don't need to be in anyway artistic or creative, this is all about experimentation and making something which is unique and useful for you. 

This technique draws on the work of arts and social science approaches, but can be applied to any subject or discipline. Collage can be a way to make new connections and ideas (Gauntlett and Holzwarth, 2006), explore your own teaching and learning practice (Childs, Mapasa and Ward, 2020), and even overcome SoTL related issues which you may struggling with (Culshaw, 2019).     

• Childs, M., Mapasa, T. and Ward, M. (2020) “Considering craft-and arts-based practitioner inquiry activities as a prompt for transforming practice” Educational Research for Social Change, 9(2). doi:10.17159/2221-4070/2020/v9i2a6.  

• Culshaw, S. (2019) “The unspoken power of collage? Using an innovative arts-based research method to explore the experience of struggling as a teacher,” London Review of Education, 17(3). doi:10.18546/LRE.17.3.03.  

• Gauntlett, D. and Holzwarth, P. (2006) “Creative and visual methods for exploring identities,” Visual Studies, 21(1), pp. 82–91. doi:10.1080/14725860600613261. 

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