Decolonising the curriculum: why and how?

Decolonising the curriculum: why and how?

Learning Enhancement & Academic Development Service
Date: Friday 15 February 2019
Time: 13:00 - 15:00
Venue: LEADS teaching room, Southpark House
Category: Academic events
Speaker: Dr Carol Collins

This session will look at the growing imperative in HE Institutions to challenge assumptions about racial and civilisational hierarchies and their impact on academic study. The session will consider, through discussion and practical activities, why it might be important to challenge the historical contexts of knowledge and how, through considering course content, including biographies, you might make small changes to courses that can represent a more diverse student population and engage all students in challenging assumptions about knowledge. 

‘I’m from Arts and I’d come because: I want ideas about how to ensure that my course is appealing to a diverse student body.’‘I’m from Science & Engineering, and I’d come because: I’m interested in examining the biases we have surrounding Western scientific approaches.’

Tea and coffee will be available.

Please note that these CPD workshops are only open to University of Glasgow staff (including Graduate Teaching Assistants / Demonstrators).

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