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Download a database of NERC Radiocarbon measurements (1996-2005) determined using the radiometric method

  • It is NERC policy to make data (including radiocarbon measurements) available in the public domain.
  • All radiocarbon results for analyses supported by the NERC Radiocarbon Facility-Steering Committee (NRCF-SC) are jointly owned by the applicant and NERC. However, NERC will not publish or otherwise use results it does not wholly own during the first 18 months after intimation of final results of that project to the user, except with the agreement of the user.
  • Previous results from the NRCF (East Kilbride) have been reported in the journals RADIOCARBON (1970-1977) and QUATERNARY SCIENCE REVIEWS (1977-1988); see references below.
  • Results since 1988 are currently being added to this website.
  • Results for conventionally-measured radiocarbon analyses supported by the NRCF-SC between 1996 and 2005 are now available.
  • Radiocarbon measurement by conventional radiometric methods ceased at the laboratory in 2005, and all measurements are now performed using the SUERC Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Facility.
  • Further information about this compilation of radiocarbon measurements can be obtained from: Garnett MH, Harkness DD, Miller BF, Fallick AE, Bryant CL. (2010). NERC radiocarbon age measurements determined by radiometric counting 1996-2005. Radiocarbon 52: 1553-1555.


The results are presented in a spreadsheet as this is a versatile and user-friendly format. To view the spreadsheet click on the link below (either open in your web browser or download by right clicking on the link and selecting "Save Target As..."). The file format is Microsoft Excel (version 2003).

MS Excel formatSpreadsheet of radiometric results 1996-2005

The spreadsheet should be opened using Microsoft Excel.

Radiocarbon results and contextual information are provided in the sheet named “NERC Radio 1996-2005”. The sheet titled “Description” gives details of the data fields in the main database. The "Locations" sheet gives a summary of the radiocarbon results available by location. Finally, the sheet named “Publications” lists all the published papers that we are aware of that make use of the results in the database.

A copy of the original Age Report containing each sample can be accessed by clicking on the hypertext link in the "NERC Radio 1996-2005” sheet (requires an internet connection), providing additional information (e.g. sample pretreatment).

For further details on samples, we recommend that you first check to see if the results have been published (see Publications sheet; use Project no. for reference), and failing that, contact either the original submitter or NRCF(East Kilbride).


If you have any comments or queries concerning the spreadsheet, or would like data not yet available on the spreadsheet, please contact us at:

Earlier Radiocarbon measurements (up to 1988) determined using the radiometric method

Date lists for earlier radiocarbon measurements from the NERC Radiocarbon Facility (East Kilbride)

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