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Book of the Month and other Virtual Exhibitions

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Book of the Month archive

We have chosen a book or set of documents to highlight every month since August 1999. Browsing through these is a good way to get a feel for the rich and varied resources available in Special Collections. However, we are currently taking a break from producing these features while we create a new website. If you think we should continue with the series once the new website is up and running, please let us know.

Allan and Ferguson's Views in Glasgow Depicting the buildings and landmarks of early nineteenth century Glasgow, many of which have now been demolished.

Americana An exhibition of books and manuscripts relating to the history of the Americas, drawn mainly from the Hunterian collection.

Birds, Bees and Blooms A selection of groundbreaking and wonderfully illustrated natural history books, from the fifteenth to nineteenth centuries.

The Body Revealed Illustrations and background details from the major anatomical works of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

British Bookbindings A selection of bindings from the 16th - 19th Century 

Charles A. Hepburn Bequest English & Scottish Literature; private press books; fine bindings

Cullen Papers Selection of papers relating to the foundation of the Chemistry Department

The Damned Art Books relating to the history of witchcraft and demonology, mainly from the Ferguson collection 

Dancing with Death A selection of books from the Gemmell Collection on the Dance of Death

The Ephemera of John Smith Examples of ephemeral publications collected by John Smith of Crutherland during his career as bookseller, town councillor, estate owner and citizen of Glasgow. Grouped around the themes of transport, politics, the Church, trade, entertainment, crime, education, medicine and city affairs, the exhibited items give us a broad picture of Glasgow life in the first half of the nineteenth century.

Foulis Press Examples of the work from the press founded in Glasgow in the eighteenth century by Robert & Andrew Foulis and their legacy

George Buchanan 1506-1582 Books illustrating the life and work of the celebrated Renaissance humanist and neo-Latin poet

Glasgow Cathedral Windows A selection of images from books and manuscripts describing the history of the cathedral and its windows

Glasgow University Library Timeline Charts the history of the library from 1451 to the present day.

Hispanica Rare Spanish books from several collections

The Hunterian Psalter A selection of images (all the full page miniatures and many of the historiated/decorated initials in the text) from a twelfth century English psalter, the greatest treasure of William Hunter's Library

In Aedibus Academicis: the Glasgow University Press Books produced by the printers of the University of Glasgow from 1638 until 1982

Leon Trotsky (1879-1940) An exhibition highlighting the range of material held in the Library by, and about, a leader of one of the most significant political events of the 20th Century - the Russian Revolution.

Maps for a Small Country A selection of maps from the sixteenth to the nineteenth centuries relating to Scotland

Musicke of sundrie kindes A selection from the Euing music collection

Old Library Catalogue An introduction to the manuscript of Glasgow University Library's catalogue dating from 1691

Paracelsus A catalogue of works published 1529-1793 preserved in Special Collections

Perennial Pages Flower illustration in books since the Renaissance

Printing in England A survey of books by early printers from William Caxton to Christopher Barker

Scottish thought & letters in the Eighteenth Century Highlights nearly 100 books illustrating the ideas & work of the Scottish Enlightenment of the Eighteenth Century

Seaside Entertainment A description of Scottish summers by the sea illustrated by postcards

Treasures from two millennia To tie in with the University's 550th anniversary, this exhibition highlights fifty of the Library's greatest treasures from manuscript to photography, and from papyrus to parchment and paper. The subject coverage is broad, including fine examples of mediaeval religious and secular illumination, scientific illustration, literature and music.
William Jacks A brief biography of the nineteenth century businessman, author and translator, who endowed the University of Glasgow with the William Jacks Chair of German Language and Literature

William Thomson, Lord Kelvin A selection of letters from the Kelvin collection, celebrating the pioneering Victorian scientist and Professor of Natural Philosophy at the University of Glasgow: highlights his correspondence with some of the leading scientists of the 19th Century - Boole, Darwin, Jenkin, Joule, Maxwell, Tait and Varley.

Women and Books: from the sixteenth century to the suffragettes The exhibition examines women and the written word through the centuries. This ranges from 16th century material, such as early printed guidebooks on childbirth and manuscript collections of recipes, to later examples of material on the women's suffrage movement.

The World of Chaucer Focusing on the works of Chaucer and his contemporaries, this selection of medieval manuscripts and early printed books explore the world of the late Middle Ages. As well as demonstrating the growth of literacy and literature in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries, the exhibition concentrates on the central themes of medicine, magic and monks, and leisure, law and learning.