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Scottish Thought and Letters in the Eighteenth Century

An Exhibition of Printed Books

Introduction - History and Antiquities - Geography - Travels - Encyclopaedias - Libraries - Society and Clubs - Law - Philosophy and Religion- Economy and Social History - Adam Smith - Education Architecture - Science and Medicine- Literature



we look to Scotland for all our ideas of civilisation Voltaire

Nearly one hundred books illustrating the ideas and work of the Scottish Enlightenment of the Eighteenth Century are highlighted in this exhibition. One of Scotland's most creative and dynamic periods, the wide-ranging nature of its intellectual inquiry is reflected in the diverse subjects covered, with every conceivable topic from architecture to literature being studied, scrutinised and re-assessed. Included are such major figures as Adam Smith, David Hume, Francis Hutcheson and Thomas Reid, as well as the works of those lesser known, demonstrating how pervasive the new ideas were throughout Scottish cultural life.

This exhibition was originally displayed in Glasgow University Library Exhibition Room between 24 March an 31 May 1976. It was revised for the web in May 2000 by postgraduate  Nicoleta Molocha, as part of a HATII project.


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