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An exhibition of printed books and manuscripts from Glasgow University Library originally held in the Hunterian Museum, Spring - Summer 1975.
Adapted for the web in November 2003 by Sonny Maley.
16th Century
17th Century
18th Century
19th Century

An exhibition of books and manuscripts relating to the history of the Americas, drawn mainly from the Hunterian collection. The non-medical section of Hunterís library reflects interests both deep and wide: fine topography, botany, zoology, astronomy, numismatics, fine art, and certain aspects of vernacular literature. A strong section of books on exploration and travel contains a wealth of Americana as well as important materials on the East Indies and on contemporary voyages to the South Seas.

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The North-West Passage. Manuscript, early 18th century (fol. 1r).
MS Hunter 434 (V.5.4)