Welcome to the Particle Physics Experiment (PPE) Research Group

Welcome to the Particle Physics Experiment (PPE) Research Group

Glasgow congratulates Higgs and Englert on Nobel Prize

PPE GroupThe experimental particle physics group at the University of Glasgow is dedicated to the study of the fundamental constituents of matter and their interaction. These activities are carried out in collaboration with international laboratories, where fundamental physics results are obtained. To further these studies the group is developing future detector technologies for experimentation, and computer grids for analysis of data.


Academic Staff

Prof A T Doyle (Group Leader), Prof D Britton, Dr P J Bussey, Prof C M Buttar, Dr L Eklund, Prof V O'Shea, Dr A Robson, Prof D H Saxon, Prof I O Skillicorn, Prof K M Smith, Dr P Soler, Dr R St Denis

We comprise 9 Academics, 5 Honorary Research Fellows, 23 Research Associates, 6 Research Fellows and 24 Postgraduate Students, supported by 3 Technicians, an Administrator, and a Group Secretary.

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