Dr Kirsten Kininmonth

  • Lecturer (Accounting and Finance)

telephone: 01413306313
email: Kirsten.Kininmonth@glasgow.ac.uk


Kirsten joined the Business School in 2002, from the University of Paisley, where she gained her Bachelor of Accountancy degree with Honours.  She worked as a Research Assistant for fifteen months, until she resumed her academic career on the doctoral programme at Paisley and was offered a lectureship at Glasgow in 2002, being awarded a PhD in 2003.

Her main current research interests relate to both accounting and business history: structure and strategy in organisations, evolution of managerial hierarchies, changes over time in accounting and management accounting practices, impact of family involvement in organisations.  This research examines a range of industries, as diverse as the retail industry and shipbuilding.  This research aims to provide insights into the changing nature of accounting and business practice, to identify possible failures in British business practices and provide insight into practices which may be beneficial to organisations struggling in the current economic climate.

She has taken part in a number of specialist accounting and business history conferences (USA, Cardiff, Porto), being invited to present and also to chair sessions.  She is on the Editorial Board of the Scottish Business and Industrial History Journal, and recently became their book reviews editor.  Kirsten currently acts as a reviewer for several academic journals in the Accounting and Business History subject area.  She is a member of the Academy of Accounting Historians and the Association of Business Historians.

Currently Kirsten is an advisor of studies for 3rd Year students and is a member of the Undergraduate Studies Committee.

Research interests

Accounting History; Business History


Current PhD student

PhD topic: A Study on Perception of Islamic Banks Stakeholders Towards Shari'ah Harmonization in Financial Reporting Standards

Co-supervisor - Dr Mohammad Hudaib


Undergraduate Teaching

  • Accounting & Business History
  • Management Accounting & Organisational Behaviour
  • Management Accounting 2
  • Business Reporting and Financial Behaviour

Postgraduate Teaching

  • Issues in Accounting Reserach
  • Managment Accounting and Control

Additional information

Administration & roles

Internal Roles

  • BAcc Admissions Officer.
  • Advisor of Studies.
  • 2nd Year Co-ordinator.
  • Member of the Undergraduate Studies Committee.

External Roles

  • Member of Editorial Board of Scottish Business & Industrial History Journal.
  • Book Reviews Editor for the Scottish Business & Industrial History Journal.
  • Member of the Association of Business Historians.
  • Member of the Academy of Accounting Historians.

Research projects and work in progress

A joint project with Ken Shackleton and Yvonne Laing (University of Glasgow).  The paper looks at the demise of the Beagle aircraft manufacturer and attempts to explore the government's involvement.

A joint paper, currently at the research stage, with Sam McKinstry , which will look at the changing nature of family businesses.


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