• 27 Nov

    Reflections on the small firm internationalisation

    Professor Pavlos Dimitratos invited as guest speaker to Stockholm Business School.
  • 23 Sep

    Asset Pricing and Corporate Finance Workshop

    On Tuesday 1st December 2015, the Adam Smith Business School at the University of Glasgow, will host a Asset Pricing and Corporate Finance Workshop at the Botanics Suite, Hilton Grosvenor Hotel in Glasgow.
  • 18 Nov

    Are Business Angels Patient Investors?

    'Are Business Angels Patient Investors?' co-authored with Richard Harrison and Tiago Botelho, is recognised in the 'Finance, Venture Capital, Taxation and Regulation' category at the Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ISBE) conference.
  • 18 Nov

    Entrepreneurship Glasgow style

    The University of Glasgow was prominent in a major Holyrood event to showcase undergraduate entrepreneurship talent.