Degrees in Arts, Science and Social Sciences

Degrees in Arts, Science and Social Sciences

Honours degrees in arts, social sciences and science offer you the flexibility to study several subjects before choosing a specialism of one or two. They usually take four years to complete. Degrees that involve a language usually require an additional year studying abroad.

During an Honours degree programme you’ll usually study

  • three subjects in first year
  • two or three subjects in second year (two are usually continued from first year)
  • up to two subjects at Honours level (third and fourth years). Specialism in one subject results in a Single Honours qualification and in two subjects a Joint Honours qualification.

You should show in your UCAS choices the subject(s) that interest you the most, but you’ll be able to try at least three subjects during the first two years, before you pick your Honours options.

Being admitted on a particular UCAS code does not mean that you’re automatically accepted to Honours level in that subject. In most cases, a decision will be made at the end of the second (or sometimes third) year about whether you will progress to Honours level, based on your academic performance during your first two years.

For more information about how our Honours degree programmes work, see:

Advanced entry

If you have exceptional A-level or Advanced Higher grades it’s possible to enter directly into Year 2 or follow a faster route advanced entry programme. This does not apply to all degree programmes or subjects. See Advanced entry for more information.