The physics of materials, with an emphasis on the nanoscale

We study fundamental phenomena and find solutions for critical issues such as energy, healthcare and information technology.

Our research is underpinned by advanced characterisation and a long-standing reputation for the development of transmission electron microscopy techniques.

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6 Feb 2017: MCMP technician Sam McFadzean has won a medal from the Royal Microscopical Society for his tireless support of the MCMP group microscopes and equipment. The award, which recognises 'unsung heroes' in microscopy, will be presented by the RMS Vice President during the summer. Very well done, Sam!

6 September 2016: MCMP group research contributes to a high-profile study that found pollution-derived nanoparticles within the human brain. The discovery is important because the nanoparticles are known to be chemically active and may be implicated in neurodegenerative conditions including Alzheimer's disease. The story was covered by the BBC (and BBC online), the Guardian, Science magazine and New Scientist and published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

14 June 2016: We are delighted to announce that the EPSRC have funded our application for a noble gas focused ion beam system, under grant agreement EP/P001483/1. The instrument, which will be available to external users, will revolutionise our ability to nanopattern materials and to produce high quality samples for TEM. Watch this space for developments!

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Latest Publication

Accurate measurement of absolute experimental inelastic mean free paths and EELS differential cross-sections,
AJ Craven, J Bobynko, B Sala and I MacLaren
Ultramicroscopy 170 (2016) 113