More than 1500 undergraduate students are studying languages at Glasgow.

We offer undergraduate programmes in French, German, Hispanic Studies, Italian, Russian and Spanish. These programmes offer not only expertise in language but also in the literature, culture, history, music and film of the countries in question.

We also offer a programme of study in Comparative Literature which allows the optional study of a foreign language. Other languages including Catalan, Czech, Polish and Portuguese can be studied as part of the programmes listed above.

The following subject areas form the School of Modern Languages and Cultures:

News and events


  • 16 Oct


    A warm welcome to the first edition of the SMLC newsletter for 2014-15 from Professor Kathryn Crameri, Head of the School of Modern Languages and Cultures.
  • 31 Oct

    The Referendum

    Professor Kathryn Crameri remained in demand in the media the closer Scotland came to a decision on whether to become independent or not, and as September 18th neared the Catalans' keen interest in the Scottish Independence Referendum sharpened. Similarly, Mr Dougal Campbell in French was in demand with the Canadian and French media.
  • 16 Jan

    Rediscovery of Glasgow artist's War Cartoons

    Professor Laurence (Billy) Grove acquires the 'War Cartoons' of the Late Archie Gilkison for Glasgow University Library's Stirling Maxwell Collection. Gilkison, the great uncle of BBC Correspondent Marianne Taylor, was a satirical cartoonist whose work had appeared under the penname of ‘Baldy’ before he was compelled to portray the horrors of WWI, including rotting corpses, the blood-strained hand of the Kaiser, and the use of lethal gases.
  • 31 Oct

    Research Seminars

    SMLC has a rich and varied programme of research seminars in 2014-15, traditionally at 1pm in the Stepek Seminar Room (317) in the Hetherington Building in Bute Gardens. Look out also for our individually advertised guest speakers at other times, the staff work-in-progress seminars and postgraduate research seminars to which all are welcome.