Dr Vincent Macaulay

  • Reader, Head of Statistics (Statistics)

telephone: 01413306802
email: Vincent.Macaulay@glasgow.ac.uk

Room 222 Level 2
Mathematics Building
Glasgow G12 8QW

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Research Interests

My research involves making statistical models of the genetic variation that exists within species, particularly humans. Such models can often be interpreted in terms of the demographic processes that have affected the species in the past, such as episodes of migration and population size change. Understanding the natural genetic variability that is present in humans is very helpful in designing and interpreting studies that try to find the genetic determinants of complex diseases.

Another strand of my research involves developing statistical methods for phylogenetic analysis given complex data types, such as functions and shapes.

Research Groups

Current PhD students

Alasdair McIntosh (Statistical models of human genetic variation)
Irene Marinas (Joint modelling of discrete and complex continuous data types evolving along phylogenies)

This year I am teaching:

S1Y Statistical Methods

4H/M Bayesian Statistics

Level M Statistics Genetics