• Quiz software


    The "Model Choice" and "Testing Statistics" software are web-based multiple-choice systems with a focus on detailed feedback to learners.

  • Counterflow turbulence

    Counterflow turbulence

    The study of vortex dynamics in superfluid helium may help us understand complex fluid motions, which remains one of natures great challenges.

  • Wrinkled elastic sheets

    Equiangular spirals

    Work by Ciprian Coman illustrating equiangular spirals on wrinkled elastic sheets.

  • Studying Obesity

    Violin plots

    Statistical models studying the connections between obesity indicators and socio-economic factors help developing anti-obesity strategies.

  • Modular forms

    Tree for modular group 2

    Tree for modular group

  • Host-parsitoid coinvasion

    Integrodifference model

    Integrodifference models of host-parasitoid interactions give rise to a wide range of travelling wave dynamics.

  • Nitrate Levels in a River Catchment

    River network

    The statistical model used for nitrate levels over a river monitoring network takes account of the flow connectedness of the monitoring sites.

  • Dynkin diagrams

    Dynkin diagram

    Dynkin diagrams encode the structure of Weyl groups and Lie algebras. Their representation theory is used in many areas of mathematical physics.

  • Statistics with a human face

    Baby face

    Stereo-cameras can provide high resolution data on surfaces such as faces and statistical methods provide a means of analysing the shape information.

  • A deformation of a singularity


    The study of such objects brings together ring theory, topology and algebraic geometry and has applications in integrable systems and mathematical physics.

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