• Ultradiscrete integrable systems

    Cellular automata

    Discrete time evolution of "soliton solutions" in a periodic cellular automaton: three strings of balls of length 1, 2 and 3 interact and emerge unchanged.

  • A braid


    Braids appear spontaneously in both topology and category theory, for reasons that turn out to reveal deep connections between these subjects.

  • Interactive Illustrations using R


    The rpanel package allows highly interactive plots to be created easily in R. This can be particularly effective for creating dynamic teaching illustrations.

  • Nonlinear buckling of thick-walled tube

    Thick walled tube

    A thick walled tube with mode-3 buckling.

  • Wavelet analysis of river flows


    Results from a wavelet analysis of daily maximum river flows and their relationships with climate drivers.

  • Geometric group theory

    Geometric group theory

    The four colour pentagon

  • Simulation of swimming algae

    Flowfield algae

    The flowfield around the biflagellated swimming green algae Chlamydomonas nivalis produced using the method of regularized stokeslets: the flagella beat at 50 Hz.

  • Network Meta-Analysis

    Shade plot

    Shade plot for P-values for all pairwise contrasts for a network meta-analysis.

  • Brain activation

    MRI Scan

    Medical imaging provides fascinating insights into the workings of the brain and statistical modelling can help to identify interesting patterns from noisy data.

  • Host-parsitoid coinvasion

    Integrodifference model

    Integrodifference models of host-parasitoid interactions give rise to a wide range of travelling wave dynamics.

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