• Ancestry of African Slaves

    Violin plots

    Statistical genetics provides a means of partitioning the ancestry of descendants of African slaves in the USA to different regions of Africa.

  • Statistics with a human face

    Baby face

    Stereo-cameras can provide high resolution data on surfaces such as faces and statistical methods provide a means of analysing the shape information.

  • Statistical models

    Vertex model

    The integrable six-vertex model is used to describe ferroelectrics such as ice as well as to count alternating sign matrices in combinatorics.

  • Nitrate Levels in a River Catchment

    River network

    The statistical model used for nitrate levels over a river monitoring network takes account of the flow connectedness of the monitoring sites.

  • Multi-scale modelling of heart

    Ventricle model

    A left ventricle model with normal vectors on the endocardial surface.

  • Radial component of the geomagnetic field

    Geomagnetic field

    Comparison between observations (left) and a numerical simulation (right).

  • Modular forms

    Tree for modular group 2

    Tree for modular group

  • Interactive Illustrations using R


    The rpanel package allows highly interactive plots to be created easily in R. This can be particularly effective for creating dynamic teaching illustrations.

  • Mountain pine beetle attack

    Mountain pine beetle attack

    In collaboration with entomologists we are using mathematical models to give insight into mountain pine beetle adaptation to changing temperatures.

  • Shortest paths


    A combinatorial argument used to establish how fast shortest paths in space move away from each other.

The School of Mathematics Statistics combines world-leading research expertise in pure and applied mathematics and statistics. The results of the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2014 have now been announced. This a major review of research across all disciplines, which takes place in the UK every few years. The results give an internationally excellent or world-leading rating to 89% of research in our school, and we are ranked 8th out of 53 submissions in the mathematical sciences across the UK for `research intensity' in the Times Higher Education tables.

If you study with us you can benefit from our excellent teaching standards and supportive learning environment – an impressive 97% of our final year undergraduate students rate themselves as satisfied with their overall experience, according to the 2011 National Student Survey, rating us 1st in Scotland and 2nd in the UK.

World Statistics Day 2015

As part of the celebration of World Statistics Day, 2015 "better data, better lives", we have selected three examples of projects, where Glasgow statisticians are making a difference by providing insight into some of the grand planetary challenges, round people and environment. You can find the details of the selected projects by clicking here.


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