Dr Peter Stewart

  • Lecturer (Mathematics)

telephone: 01413304124
email: Peter.Stewart@glasgow.ac.uk

Room 506
School of Maths and Stats

Research Interests

My research interests lie in the application of continuum mechanics to physiological and industrial problems. In particular I am interested in problems involving interaction between a fluid flow and deformable interfaces, such as liquid-gas free surfaces and elastic solids.

My current research focuses on modelling flow in the human eye, where I am currently investigating how the flow of aqueous humour in the anterior and posterior chambers is coupled to deformation of the iris and cornea. This modelling is being applied to predict the optimal size of peripheral iridotomy required to prevent acute angle closure (glaucoma) in iris bombe, and also to understand the onset of floppy iris syndrome. Recently completed projects include an investigation into the onset of large amplitude pulsations in the retinal vein at the optic disc (the retinal venous pulse) where we demonstrated how observation of this pulse might be used to estimate intracranial pressure non-invasively.

I am also keenly interested in the dynamics and fracture of gas-liquid foams, with application to the production of high-porosity metallic solids (solid metal foams) as lightweight materials for use in the new generation of spacecraft.

Research Groups

Current PhD students

Danyang Wang (Flows in flexible vessels )

3H Dynamical Systems (Spring 2013-2014)