Course resources

Course resources

While you are welcome to browse and use these resources, they are intended for use with specific courses.
Your course tutor will inform you when you need to use them.

Baseline courses

Other courses

Graphics & Multimedia

Advanced word processing courses

Bibliography application

There are a variety of bibliography tools available.  We would recommend that you use EndNote.  This is widely available on campus (along with the EndNote cite-while-you-write tab in Word) and is the only bibliography application supported by the university.


Note: Clipart and other images required for some units can be found on the Graphics and multimedia page.

Presentations with Powerpoint

Note: Clipart and MultiMedia files required for this unit can be found on the Graphics and multimedia page.

Going further with spreadsheets

Introduction to databases with access

HTML for Web Pages

MS Publisher Templates and work files

Minitab and SPSS

NVIVO course files

Web links

Web links

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Useful links

Word Processing Links

ABC-IT Free Online Guidance
GCF Learnfree Guide for Word
Word 2010 for Dummies
Type face Selection
Practical typography: Fonts


GCF Learnfree PowerPoint Guide
Public Speaking Tips
Presentation Links
Presentation Tips - a Presentation 
How To Practice A Speech
Kodak presentation tips

Further Spreadsheets

GCF Learnfree Excel Guide
Excel-Easy: Excel Tutorials from Basic to Advanced
Basic Statistics with Excel
More Statistics with Excel
List of worksheet functions
Available chart types
Excel What-IF Scenarios
Using Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts
Creating a Database File in Excel

Microsoft Access 2010

GCF Learnfree MS Access 2010 Guide
Microsoft Site Help for Access 2010
MS Access 2010 for Dummies
Microsoft Access 2010 Fundamentals

Creating Web Pages with HTML

Web Page Design and Layout
Web Style Guide
The web developer's resource (Web Monkey)
Sizzling Jalfrezi HTML
HTML Tutorial
HTML Goodies 
CSS Tutorial
Guide to Cascading Style Sheets

Search Skills on the Web Web Search
Evaluating Information Found on the Internet
The Internet Detective
RDN Virtual Training Suite -- This link is to a page of downloads of helpful guides to several subject areas.
Why Evaluate Web Sites
Good, the Bad and the Ugly
List of Various Evaluation Pages