Purchasing a flat or house

Purchasing a flat or house

You or your parents may be considering, as an option to renting, the purchase of a house or flat. It is important to realise that if you buy a flat or house and arrange for others to live in the flat with you, you may be creating a "house in multiple occupation".

Such a flat or house would require to be registered, by you, with the Local Authority and it is also likely that you will require Planning Permission to operate such a flat or house in multiple occupation.

Furthermore the accommodation will either require to be licensed now or in the near future and the timing of this will depend on the number of residents.

It is recommended that before you purchase a flat or house that you discuss your proposal with both of the following Local Authority Officers.

Registration/Licensing Planning Permission

Mr John Docherty
Glasgow City Council
HMO Unit
Nye Bevan House
20 India Street
Glasgow G2 4PF

Tel No: 0141 287 6531 

Ms Rattray
Glasgow City Council
Development and Regeneration Services
Development Control
231 George Street
Glasgow G1 1RX

Tel No: 0141 287 5449